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PRP Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrate of own human platelets and growth-stimulating factors contained in them. Being non-toxic and non-reactive, the autogenous (own) platelet-rich plasma stimulates regenerative processes of the human body.This therapy helps restoring metabolic processes, activating tissue immunity, improving microcirculation and cellular metabolism, stimulating production of collagen and elastin, and normalizing cell respiration.

The procedure involves atraumatic collection of patient's blood into evacuated blood collection tubes.
In the patient’s presence, platelet-rich plasma gel is prepared using the high-speed centrifugation method, and is ready to be injected.

The procedure results in:
  • Improved complexion and skin relief
  • Reduced expression wrinkles
  • Hydrated and well nourished skin
  • Acne and post-acne elimination
  • Improved skin tightness and plasticity
  • Slowdown of skin aging 
  • Improved hair growth
  • Age-related skin changes (chronoaging)
  • Photoaging
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne and post-acne
  • Hypotrophic scars and stretch marks
  • Sensitive reactive skin
  • Alopecia and hair loss