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Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting

Thread lifting is a procedure that pulls the droopy skin up by inserting a harmless meltable thread into the skin.

By using the physical force of the thread, you can further improve the facial contour by pulling the skin strongly without surgery.

In addition, the thread can induce collagen regeneration in the skin, and the elasticity of the skin can be achieved together.

The  the minimum number of threads inserted, and the exact number of threads depends on the skin condition of the recipient.

Recommend for: 
  • Full-face lifting - Point lifting (jaw line, nasolabial fold)
  • Effect - Immediate improvement in fine lines and skin tightening giving a more youthful appearance
  • Treatment Time -  1 hour
  • Maximum effect - 1 week for any bruising and swelling to fade away
  • Duration of effect - 1~2 years
  • Recovery Time - The noticeable swelling lasts about one to three days, but there are no problem for daily life. The weak swelling lasts about a week.
  • Swelling - Chance of minor swelling and bruising.
  • Anesthesia method - Local anesthesia
  • Degree of pain - Slight discomfort. Varies from patient to   patient.