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For scalp: 

Micropigmentation of the scalp  is a method of pigmentation of the scalp and a technique that compensates for hair loss in women and men, and can also help with alopecia. If you want to get rid of thinning hair or baldness with a completely painless method, this method of micropigmentation is just for you. 

Micropigmentation of the scalp involves the insertion of pigment with a microneedle into the epidermis of the head, in places where there used to be hair, but due to various factors there has been hair loss or thinning. Great solution for both men and women who have this problem.

The advantages over the surgical technique (hair transplantation) are the following: we get the final result much faster, there is no recovery which means that immediately after the treatment you can continue with daily obligations, there is no pain except a slight subjective burning sensation, after 2 to a maximum of 4 treatments "fuller" and thicker hair appearance. Of course, this treatment is also more affordable, carries minimal almost no risk and costs far less than a hair transplant.

For lips: 

Micropigmentation is the manual, permanent and customised process of inserting natural, hypoallergenic pigments using permanent  microblading technology. Lip micropigmentation improves and brightens the dark shade of lips through the application of pigments. Lips can be shaded to the lipstick colour of your choice permanently.

An anaesthetic is applied to reduce any discomfort since the lips are especially sensitive. Your lips are first outlined along the borders and then filled in with the colour of their choice. The pigment is then worked into each stroke. A pigment mask is then applied and left to absorb into the skin.
The treated area is then cleaned thoroughly.